Payroll Automation

Make payroll effortless. Get our experts to help you setup and just make simple adjustments to make accurate monthly payrolls.

  • Pro-rated calculation for new join or leaving employees
  • Real time calculation for employees on leave and even absentees
  • Automatic calculation for PCB, EPF and SOCSO
  • Bank files ready
payroll automation

Leave Management

Simple online leave management for you and your employees

  • Multiple workgroups
  • Default & customizable leave type
  • Automated Public Holiday Calendar
  • Employee leave application, anytime, anywhere
  • HR/Management approval or rejection of leave
  • Automatic Email Notification
leave management
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Employee Management

A central database to ensure all your employee details are safely stored and accessible

  • Employee information
  • Previous employment, statutory and tax relief
  • Salary, calculation method, allowance, overtime, deduction and other
  • Automatic send email for Employee Self-Service Activation
employee mangement

Regulatory Submission

We’ll generate forms automatically and accurately for your submission to regulatory bodies

  • Automated form generation of PCB, EPF & SOCSO,
  • E-submission format ready
  • Generated report for EPF, SOCSO, LHDN, HRDF
  • Automatic update to stay compliant
regulatory submission
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Employee Self Service

An accessible site for your employee to view, access and update details.

  • Access and view personal information
  • Claim application and submission
  • Cancellation of application
  • E-payslip, any year, any month
  • Personal EA Form
employee self service

Cloud & Mobility

Access your payroll anytime and anywhere

  • High flexibility, anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Employee access for their need wherever they are
  • Always updated with new versions
  • Always compliant to statutory regulations
  • Cost saving and easy startup
cloud and mobility
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