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Package & Subscription

1. Am I committing to anything?
All plans are not binding to a specific time frame. These plans can be canceled, upgraded, or downgraded at any time!

2. Do you offer a free trial?
Yes, you can try MooPayroll all of its features for free for 45 days by Moo-3 with 100 employees account. After the trial, your account will automatically switch over to the Moo-3 plan with 3 employee’s accounts.

3. What I get for my subscription plan?
You can understand the system feature by hovering over the next to “Included in this package” with a summary of system feature. All plans come with the same features, the difference only on the number of maximum employees supported.

4. Can I get a refund?
Non-refundable for payment made on subscript plan, while in instances where your credit card / debit card / payment account has been inadvertently over-charged. You can have a read through our refund policy for more detailed information.

5. What payment types are accepted?
We accept most credit cards and eBanking.

6. Can I reactivate an old account?
It is possible to reactivate your expired account. Contact support for more information.

7. Can I change my plan?
Yes, at any time! When you upgrade, the current billing cycle will be prorated.

8. Will the price for my plan ever change?
Nope! Whenever we update our pricing, all existing plans remain, meaning you can always stay on your existing plan.

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